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No Year published Title Name Journal title
148 2021 Large enhancement of magnetic moment in nitridated CeFe12 Joonhyuk Lee Journal of Alloys and Compounds
147 2021 Effect of thermal annealing on nitrogen implanted epitaxial Fe films Hyeonjun Kong Current Applied Physics
146 2021 Reversible conversion of the valence states of Eu ions in ABaPO4 (A = Li, Na, and K) in terms of change in luminescence property Soyeong Jang Journal of Alloys and Compounds
145 2021 Single-event transient characteristics of vertical gate-all-around junctionless field-effect transistor on bulk substrate Young Jun Yoon Applied Physics A
144 2021 Decoupling the metal insulator transition and crystal field effects of VO2 In-Hui Hwang Scientific Reports
143 2021 Helium ions irradiation analysis of W0.5(TaTiVCr)0.5 for application as a future fusion plasma-facing material Owais Ahmed Waseem Materials Chemistry and Physics
142 2021 Effects of surface damage on critical current density in MgB2 thin films Soon-Gil Jung Current Applied Physics
141 2021 Design and optimization of GaN-based betavoltaic cell for enhanced output power density Young Jun Yoon International Journal of Energy Research
140 2021 Enhancing Hydrogen Cluster Storage in Clathrate Hydrates via Defect-Mediated Lattice Engineering Seokyoon Moon Journal of Physical Chemistry C
139 2021 Mechanism of Proton-Induced electrical degradation of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors Dong-Seok Kim Solid-State Electroncis