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Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex(KOMAC), a brach of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI) was established by ‘Proton Engineering Frontier Project (period: 2002 ~ 2012, cost: KRW 314.3 billion), sub-project of “21st century frontier R&D project”,for development of global strategy technology.



100 MeV, 20 mA, high power proton accelerator at KOMAC, was developed in the world 3rd by domestic technology after SNS. ORNL (USA), and J-PARC (Japan).


KOMAC operates a 100 MeV high-power proton accelerator and low-energy ion beam equipments. KOMAC supply optimum proton and ion beam services for various interdisciplinary R&D fields: nuclear, nano, bio, IT , energy/environment, space, medicine and basic science.


KOMAC will do our best efforts to create new industries, increase national welfare, and heighten national status by using R&D results in basic science, and accelerator application technologies.


Leading the R&D of 21st century science/technology and creating new industries by establishment of world class R&D platform in KOMAC